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Chicco Next2Me Dream Evo Side Sleeping Crib

Chicco Next2Me Dream Evo Side Sleeping Crib

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Chicco Next2Me Dream Evo 3in1 Co-Sleeping Bedside Crib – Grey The Chicco next2me Dream Evo is a side-sleeping crib designed to keep the baby close to you at night and better manage nighttime awakenings.

Thanks to the straps included in the packaging, the crib can be easily attached to the parents' bed and using the 11 height levels you can find the perfect height for you and your baby. Thanks to the folding feet, it fits every type of bed frames. The Next2Me can also be tilted to help support reflux and congestion.

With it's convenient handle, opening and closing the side will be accessible even when lying in bed. The four swivel wheels allow you to move it around the house whenever you may need

The four sides of the crib are made with soft mesh to ensure optimal air circulation and allow the parents to see the baby.

The Chicco Next2Me Dream Evo is an Eco+ product representing a concrete and sustainable commitment to protecting the environment: the crib's fabric is 65% recycled polyester.

The package includes a travel bag, a breathable mattress, and a kit to attach the crib to the bed.

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