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Pretty Little Things - Gibraltar

2-in-1 Soap Dispenser

2-in-1 Soap Dispenser

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InnovaGoods is here to help you make cooking easy and fun by offering you the best new items for your kitchen, such as the 2-in-1 Soap Dispenser for the Kitchen Sink Pushoap InnovaGoods Kitchen Clean! Discover a wide range of high-quality items that stand out for their functionality, efficiency and innovative design!

An antibacterial and hygienic kitchen soap dispenser with an original multi-use design that prevents the accumulation of bacteria, drips and water or soap spills that can mess up the kitchen. It has a quick drying stand for the sponge which allows it to drain through its ventilation holes. It also has a drip tray to easily remove the water that drips from the sponge. This compact manual dispenser is very convenient and easy to use, and is very useful for washing dishes, etc. The soap is placed directly onto the sponge by pressing it against the dispenser. It also helps to keep the kitchen tidy, thereby saving time and effort. The soap container has a capacity of 330 ml and is transparent, to allow you to see how much soap there is at all times. It can be used with any type of sponge, scourer, dishcloth, etc. and can be taken apart completely, making it easy to clean.

  • Material:
    • ABS
    • PS
  • Colour:
    • Grey
    • Green
  • Innovative and functional design: 2-in-1
  • Type:
    • Compact
    • Multifunction
  • Anti-bacterial: Hygienic, breathable and washable
  • Capacity: 330 ml
  • Soap container:
    • Transparent
    • Easy and quick view of contents
  • Manual dispenser: Drip-proof and spill-proof
  • Sponge stand:
    • Ventilation holes
    • Fast drying
  • Removable drip tray: Easy draining
  • Universal: Suitable for sponge, scourer, dishcloth, etc.
  • Detachable: Easy to clean
  • Convenient and easy to use: Save time and effort
  • Light and manageable: Easy to transport and store
  • Approx. dimensions: 13,7 x 7,5 x 9,7 cm
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