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Pretty Little Things - Gibraltar

4 in 1 Cleaning Set

4 in 1 Cleaning Set

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What does it include?

    • Feather duster: With a flexible head and an adjustable angle of up to 90o, which is ideal for cleaning the top of furniture, in corners, lamps, etc.

    • Flat, flexible, long brush with microfiber cloth which easily adapts to any area being cleaned, even the most awkward ones, such as radiators, behind or under sofas and furniture, etc.

    • Mop-Dust Mop:With two super-absorbent microfiber cloths and an adjustable angled multi-position head which facilitates its use and adapts it to the areas being cleaned. The two microfiber cloths are machine-washable.

    • Window cleaner: Window cleaning accessory that is perfect for achieving optimum results when cleaning windows. The dismountable twist-lock handle breaks down into several parts allowing for various lengths, depending on your preference or requirements.

* The set also includes two twist-on tops to place on the ends of the pole (or directly onto the cleaning tools if you want to use them without the pole) and for hanging the tools, if you wish.



Technical data

  • Materials:
    -Stainless Steel
  • Extendable pole: 90-130-170 cm
  • Feather duster: Adjustable angle (90º)
  • 2 microfiber mops: Machine-washable
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