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8 in 1 Multi Hanger

8 in 1 Multi Hanger

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InnovaGoods offers the latest items for your home, such as the 8-in-1 Multi Hanger Spavver InnovaGoods ! Discover a wide range of high-quality products which stand out for their functionality, efficiency and innovative design: lighting, storage, decoration, air conditioning, garden, pets, cleaning, etc.


The Spavver InnovaGoods 8-in-1 multiple hanger allows you to hang various garments in the wardrobe while taking up the minimum amount of space. An original multiple clothes hanger that is perfect for organising garments more efficiently, keeping them tidy and saving space. Additionally, this multiple hanger can be used in various positions. The arms of each hanger can be folded to hang and unhang clothes more easily without damaging them.


  • Modern, innovative folding design
  • Large capacity: 8 hangers joined together
  • 2 positions: horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Hanging hook rotates 360º for greater convenience
  • Optimal use of space available in the wardrobe
  • Better organisation of garments, tidier and always to hand
  • Folding arms: easy to hang clothes and to remove them
  • Protection against loss of shape in the neck of garments
  • Can be used in wardrobes and on coat stands
  • Ideal for shirts and other lightweight garments
  • Not suitable for coats or heavy garments
  • Can be taken apart: includes assembly instructions


This 8-in-1 hanger is easy to assemble by following the instructions included. Once assembled, simply lift up the arms to unfold each hanger, and to fold it up, just press the buttons on the top.

It can be used in a horizontal or vertical position, according to your needs. The hanging hook with 360º rotation makes it easy to access the hangers. In order to avoid loss of shape in the necks of garments, we recommend folding the arms of the hangers when hanging or removing clothes.

  • Material: PP
  • Colour: Grey
  • Original design: Innovative and functional
  • Type: Foldable
  • Multi-position: Horizontal-vertical
  • 360º rotation: Versatile and adaptable
  • Easy to use: Convenient and easy to use
  • Large capacity and stability: Firm hold
  • Tidy and space saving: Maximum use of space
  • Ideal for shirts and other garments: 8-in-1
  • Light and manageable: Easy to transport and store
  • Detachable: Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Includes: Mounting instructions
  • Approx. measurements unfolded:
    • 41 x 13 x 52 cm (H)
    • 41 x 16 x 5 cm (V)
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