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Pretty Little Things - Gibraltar

Catch Me If You Can Board Game

Catch Me If You Can Board Game

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Use your mobile to start the timer and answer as many questions as you can in 60 seconds! Each correct answer gives you £1000. If you’re confident, go large on the £2000 gamble! But a wrong answer on a gamble means you lose £2000.  Then gamble the money you’ve made, start on number 6 on the ladder and try to answer your Multiple-choice questions right to get to safety! Beware of the catchers though as wrong answers will allow them to hunt you down!

• 8 x Player Cards
• 8 x Bases
• 100 x General Knowledge Cards
• 100 x Multiple Choice Cards
• 200 x Money Tokens
• Instruction Sheet

To end the game play-off against a fellow player to be crowned champion! Watch out for the catchers though! They’ll be chasing you!

Product Information:
• Catch Me If You Can
• Board Game
• Brand: Games Hub
• Age: 8+
• Players: 4+
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