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Pretty Little Things - Gibraltar

Electronic Lint Remover

Electronic Lint Remover

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The Lint Remover is the ultimate tool for maintaining fresh and lint-free clothes effortlessly. Perfect for busy individuals, pet owners, or anyone seeking a tidy appearance with minimal effort. Its battery-operated design makes it suitable for use at home, while traveling, or wherever quick lint removal is needed. This handy device swiftly eliminates lint, fuzz, and pet hair from clothing and upholstery. Featuring a lint collection chamber and safety lock cover for easy and safe operation, simply insert 2x AA batteries, glide it over your garments, and witness your clothes restored to their pristine condition. Whether preparing for a big meeting, a night out, or simply part of your regular laundry routine, our Lint Remover ensures you always look sharp.


  • Battery Operated
  • Lint Collection Chamber
  • Includes Safety Lock Cover
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