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Pretty Little Things - Gibraltar

Fabric Box Organisers 6 Pack

Fabric Box Organisers 6 Pack

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When you’ve just finished a huge load of washing ironing and you’re ready to put your feet up and watch some television, it's easy to fall victim to taking that piles clothes and bunging them in your drawers to forget about. Before you know it, your tops are mixed with your underwear and you cannot seem to find a matching pair of socks.Fabric Organiser Boxes provide you with a quick and easy way to keep your socks separate from your hats. With the included set of all, you have to do is fold them open, place in your drawers or at the foot of wardrobe and you’ve instantly got dedicated slots to keep all your things separate and organised!


  • Dimensions: 2x H13 x D13 x W13cm (approximate);
  • 2x H13 x D13 x W26cm (approx)
  • 2x H13 x D26 x W26cm (approx)
  • Stylish & practical storage
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