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Pretty Little Things - Gibraltar

Scrub Mommy Dual-Sided Scrubber & Sponge

Scrub Mommy Dual-Sided Scrubber & Sponge

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There's nothing else like me! My ResoFoam® side is bonded to exclusive FlexTexture® foam. I'm soft in warm water and firm in cool water. And as always, I'm scratch free and odour resistant! My ResoFoam® side absorbs more water and generates more soap suds than an ordinary sponge! My FlexTexture® side is the same foam that made scrub daddy America's favourite sponge! Independent laboratory tests show ResoFoam® generated 60% more soap suds than the leading national scrubbing pad brand and absorbed more than 6 times as much water, in addition to resisting odors and stains. Individual results may vary according to the water temperature, type of soap, atmospheric conditions and other factors.

  • Scratch free & resists odors
  • Super soft & absorbent


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