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Triple Dust-Mop with Spray

Triple Dust-Mop with Spray

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Who doesn’t want to save time and space when cleaning their home?

With the triple design of this mop, you can reach every corner of your home to make deep cleaning easy and convenient. Dry and wet clean without any effort and forget about brooms, buckets and mops.

It is perfect for removing even challenging stains on any type of surface: wood, marble, ceramic floors, etc.


The triple mop with spray from InnovaGoods is very comfortable to use, because of its ergonomic handle which includes a grip with a trigger to spray the water. You simply need to fill the directable dispenser and add a drop of your favourite floor cleaner.

Its triple rotating head also allows you to access hard-to-reach areas, leaving your floor cleaner than ever.

✔ 3 machine washable braided microfibre cloths with reusable Velcro.
✔ 3 rotating heads(Ø 20 cm approx.)
✔ Liquid spray dispenser with 600 ml capacity 

  • Made in ABS, PP and stainless steel
  • Approx measurements: 40 x 130 x 40 cm
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